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We're Makin' Friends

by Saint Solitaire

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They're fakin' life I'm takin' mine We're makin' friends Their faces torn Into my mind This never ends (I second that) If it's done What it there for If it's wrong Then I'm grateful When it's gone Not a hate troll Not a show Not a chosen Blank stare Get a girlfriend Them endorphins through my body yell "Subway through another hell!" You say it's all perception I say it's always rainin' down I don't wanna stick around Couldn't believe the prophets sent Couldn't repay the consequence alone Couldn't repair the fall Why couldn't he taste of salt? The devil debates us all In makin' friends But not makin' ends We ran the bases The ball The paces All persistence long In a haze to open though On a phase through a window Where all addition's solved You say it's all perspective When I say it's raining out You say just see the spectrum How? I don't wanna stick around
Things are being learned today That I could've learned yesterday And should've done the day before If I just hadn't felt so scorned By all the kings who washed ashore, Pirates, and queens with great rapport Scrub the colosseum Won't time wait? The false persistent state Coulda dove in it And woven it And thrown a fit For all those before Closed the door Yeah "Hey", you call to a friend Should've done now what you should've done then Hey, but you fall to defend Even in vision far away "Hey", you call to a friend Should've done now what you should've done then Paid, as you go to her den You call to a friend Give it to god Give it to freaks Or give it to me See through the fog See through the leaves See through the tree Even in episode After episode After episode Even on side of door Where devil go No one knows fo sho I mean, I have a few ideas JR might have some too But no one knows fo sho


released February 28, 2017




Saint Solitaire Sacramento, California

Industrial progressive dance with intricate rhythm, heavy electronic elements, beautiful melodies, and clean guitar lines. Lyrics written especially for the honest.

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