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Versus Resistance

by Saint Solitaire

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What's another nik when the whole thing is scratched? Nothing to complain about No real point in dwelling on the past if you can't go back
Cheetahs 03:40
Taken back in time Out of mine Taste of a good life lost behind New smell in my world A means to take control A second sway A loose foothold All for the pleasure of it I climb Cheetahs become me and mine Grieving over safer times No no no Gathering the breath I need to speed Taking lead Follow me and nestle in their company Cheetahs are an allied breed All we need All for the pleasure of it we climb All for the pleasure of it we climb Cheetahs become me and mine Grieving over safer times No no no
I wasn't taught cause or common sense But I kept my pace and humored clement tenants Unlucky I can't change the dates Take the present me to past, lose the vice, keep the case Back then, color didn't have taste, songs weren't rocks, No faith or commends, Not a way, but a wall, Not a muse with a lyre to call, Just shame for curiosity and blame 'til recompense. If someone had come along If someone had spread an arm If someone had sang a song for me when I was younger I woulda known If someone had called it wrong If someone had just held strong If someone had sang this song to me when I was younger I woulda known You aren't who they are and never will You had a cause and a qualm and surely still The case hasn't changed It’s just been rearranged To fit the remains of a man who couldn’t change And I can’t stress this next part enough And I don't mean to snuff the leisure of life's cheats or treats But we won't sleep well 'til we've given all I'm not dead yet, or dying soon So head first I fall
Nice Try 03:23
Nice try Clementine, nice try Nice try brandy and wine, nice try In my solitude I forgot to check for your light's route ...What gratitude And I caught the blues when wandering the purple hues Reverberated to the bluest moon and floated through Are we capable of faking truth and faking full If even for a lifetime? When quarantined by self-inflicted severing My favorite pastime Nice try Clementine, nice try Nice try brandy and wine, nice try In this interlude my lust and thought of us delude I don't compute And I've got the mood, she thought to leave, I followed too So I presume she means to do what I want her to But I've got a soul, however positively controlled With choices standing in line I won't take the dive and hope the sharks let me survive Just relax then
Shredder 03:17
Lately I've been hearin' voices I used to know "Believe the lie your fed", they said, "and let the rest go" But I'm not the one who's been drinkin' nightly for a month or so Where we go from here is up to you it's clear Three bitter proceedings gave me no alarm Police your own establishment and lose the lack of charm And clean yourself up you're bleeding Self-deceiving did you harm Where the cuts and scars appear on you is clear
SpaceRPG 03:21
Help all the little children thinkin' on the end of themselves In a little while when out of my denial help Bring me around I've perspired the love I found While I boast in jest You know what's best They wanna take your attention They wanna pillage your heart They wanna steal your eyes So you can't see Help all the little bloggers spreadin' hate around themselves All my enemies Self-induced anti-freeze We siren for help We syphon for air


This is the second EP by the American indie dance rock project Saint Solitaire, led by singer / songwriter / producer Andrew Barnhart.


released August 16, 2014

Composed, produced, and mastered by Andrew Barnhart
SpaceRPG written by James Murphy
Drums engineered by Dave Jensen at Pinnacle College
Cover art by Andrew Barnhart

Performed by
Andrew Barnhart (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, programming, percussion)
Peter Miller (guitar, fx)
James Murphy (bass)
Dave Jensen (drums)
Chris Karriker (dj, sampling)




Saint Solitaire Sacramento, California

Industrial progressive dance with intricate rhythm, heavy electronic elements, beautiful melodies, and clean guitar lines. Lyrics written especially for the honest.

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