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The Energy

by Saint Solitaire

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CoughCool Wordplay is on point. Guitar is catchy af. The rhythm, god, it's great. Everything to love on this Favorite track: The Energy.
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The Energy 03:49
I'll live and breathe Through a clotted colostomy If that's what it's gotta be But i won't bleed For a crowded economy For all that it's gotten me No, I won't bleed For what it's supposed to be And I won't see Where all that you've gotten leaves Out the window leave Fall through a canopy And on TV they call me the energy They call me the energy Get it started, kid We were yippy-kiyay for a long time Had never been made before Learned to obey the high tide Learn to debate the score Hope I get you Buck wild and penetrate you Slip-dick de-ventilate you All this time to pay
I shouldn't sing to you And I wouldn't I'd call But I do what I gotta do Would you do the same thing too? This doesn't Wasn't what I wanted it to be And I couldn't see things that you wanted me to see Ohhh, what is this? WHAT IS THIS?! I've seen too much Believe You wouldn't wanna know Or see how far I'd really ever go But he's seen it Believed it Retreated Now evidence fowls making a downing Goffer be found making his crowning all this time And oh, what is this? WHAT IS THIS?! What is this? Time to make 'im miss None for takin' piss I'd stomp a racist kiss But he'd probably taste it less And what is this? A sniff-it-up-I-guess Ample profit, nasal bliss Enough here to top off a bucket list Hit him like the time he hit before These goodnight charms are getting interesting [Touchin' off the pain to keep my stride] My proud brow is in the guillotine [Leavin' all these pillows on the shore] And I've been here Been there [The place the tide had touched the day before] Been there before Yeah Now what is this? A blocking cock assist A reach to think this bridge could fix A call for help from anonymous A syncopated phosphorous Cut swiss A cannibal's carcass A tarnished hermit's morning kiss Enough betrayal here not to reminisce Hit him like the time he hit before Taking all the bruises on the right Drown 'em in the emptiness of war Forget 'em by the next time we're in flight What is this? My heart in my fist


released May 30, 2017

All parts written, performed, and produced by Andrew Barnhart.




Saint Solitaire Sacramento, California

Industrial progressive dance with intricate rhythm, heavy electronic elements, beautiful melodies, and clean guitar lines. Lyrics written especially for the honest.

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