Soon Nude

by Saint Solitaire

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released April 25, 2017

All parts written, performed, and produced by Andrew Barnhart




Saint Solitaire Sacramento, California

Industrial progressive dance with intricate rhythm, heavy electronic elements, beautiful melodies, and clean guitar lines. Lyrics written especially for the honest.

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Track Name: Soon Nude
Leak it for the bastards, master
You've been sinkin' fast
Gotta save that loot with somethin'
Middle bag
Nazi flag sewn

But you take it all the faster
Spell casters
And give what all the pastors say
They gassed her
They're never thinkin'
You always do

And we wait to make jurassic love but faster
Soon nude
And we go a lot of places
The nasty's what we do
For you

Wait 'til we just hate it
Masterbate it
We got to every place's cake
And ate it
Now holiday's on dollar plates
We've come undone
All as one
Said "make it alabaster"
We made it
Then lock up all the haters
Sue, debate it
All as one
All as one we assume

Track Name: Safe Word
You feel like sayin' the safe word
But there you go, you shouldn't
It goes, it goes
So it goes
Sew a sweater to solve the season
Will wall stood in
Come clean
Then tellin' me to lean in

Some people suss things
Some people just assume
Some people bug me

I can handle it up to a point
But more than that
More than that I couldn't
She can handle it up to a joint
But more than that
More than that, no, she shouldn't

You feel like sayin' the safe word
But there you go, you couldn't too
It goes down
You're a goal, a gaze, girl
The go-aways admit it
So wait a minute
It's the only way to get it

And this takes more time than I really put in
Goin' 'round whinin' like a child cryin'